****for contractors, house flippers, real estate agents, and landlords ONLY, wanting to easily add apartments to their portfolio for rental cash flow***

Finally, Discover How My Clients are EASILY Adding Apartments To Their Portfolio To Create BIGGER & CONSISTENT Cash Flow, (up to $10,674 a month from 1 deal) WITHOUT needing a Down Payment Using a Super Simple (but little known) 4-Step-Process That Gets Them Closing Apartment Deals Within 6 Months - 100% Guaranteed!

Best of all, this process works WITHOUT using ANY of your own money for the down payments, and reveals how traditional lending rules don’t apply- even if you don’t qualify for the loan or have the down payment. These are the secrets to unlock off market deal flow, without sending thousands of letters, hiring virtual assistants, driving for dollars, or cold calling thousands of people and is as simple and easy as a single family home deal with way more upside.

And if you don’t have a deal DONE in the first 180 days (6 months)- YOU DON’T PAY (full refund) AND I’ll cut you a check ($2,000) for your time.

Watch this 10 minute video below for how this offer works...

I have ✅ Watched the video ✅ Want a system to predictably generate cash flowing apartment deals ✅ Have experience in real estate or already own a rental property and ✅ I want to know how this guaranteed system can work for me...

On this call we will assess your real estate experience, see how this system can work for you, offer you some advice on how to use it, and then discuss (if we know we can help you) how we can help you implement it - GUARANTEED

40 Units Closed - Life Changed

Jimmy & Stephanie now own a CARIBBEAN RESORT!

Marielle Got Creative and CLOSED IT

BJ went from ZERO units to 173 units in under 10 months!

Jimmy & Stephanie now own a CARIBBEAN RESORT!

Marielle Got Creative and CLOSED IT

Len & Brock Teamed Up & Closed!

Freedom Through Real Estate

8 Down, 50 to Go!

24 More Units CLOSED

Seller Finance 8 Units

$3mil Raised

Deal Room Value

Building a Legacy


Another 55 Units Closed

Slam Dunk Deal

Law of the 1st Deal

The REST of the Story - BJ's Deal revisited

Tyler Closes 14 Units

27 Units for Pat

Document Library & Mentoring

Just a Matter of 'When', not 'If'

14 Units Closed

Another 88

200 Units in 18 Months!

128 Units Closed

What are you waiting for?

Even Buying a Hotel!

30 Units in Alaska!

The Deal Room "Deal Closing Machine"

Once you deploy this simple system, you'll close apartment deals at will.

The Foundation

You can't get started if you don't know what to do. We cover the cost of our $2,000 comprehensive multifamily course. You get immediate access to over 8 hours of training, walking you through the steps from start to finish.

The course comes with tangible tools as well

  • Deal Analyzer Spreadsheet

  • Private Placement Memorandum

  • LLC Operating Agreement

  • Due Diligence Checklists

  • Deal Package Template

  • Secret to Unlocking Millions from Investors Script

The Network

These are BIG deals, and you need a team. You need Money, Deals, and Experience.

MONEY-You need people who understand this business and can quickly give you $1M or even $5M-quickly. You need master underwriters and creative financers who can bring your deal together quickly.

DEALS-You need deal flow. Plug into our network of deal flow, operators who are actively looking for partners

EXPERIENCE-What happens when the rubber meets the road? When it’s time to make an offer?You are making BIG decisions, and you can make BIG MISTAKES if you don’t have an experienced pro helping you-in real time-on YOUR DEAL.

We have placed 37 "Key Members" in the Deal Room. These are multi-millionaires looking to sponsor your loans, raise your down payment, and actively invest in YOUR deals.

The Deal Sprint

Most importantly, you need a support system. Accountability allows you to focus, track your progress and ensures you’re moving forward in the right direction and getting you of your own way.

We plug you into a Deal Sprint Team of 8-10 people with a proven Sprint Leader, dedicated to your success. You meet with your team weekly, to build relationships and partnerships, and close deals.

Ryan closed his 5th deal in 5 months!

from 0 to 336 units (+212 self storage units)

and $69 million in assets

More Results From Deal Room members...

Kris Adds 58 Units

Jaideep Adds 12 Units

On this call we will assess your real estate experience, see how this system can work for you, offer you some advice on how to use it, and then discuss (if we know we can help you) how we can help you implement it - GUARANTEED

What Deal Room Members are saying...

Tim Woodbridge

My partners and I just closed on a 55 lot mobile home park in Henderson, NC. That puts my total unit count to 127 units!

Phil Brooks

Officially closing on 24 unit in Arkansas! Now to execute our business plan with renovation, rent bumps...Thank you to our JV partners who joined us on this deal, looking forward to growing with you!

Kyle Barnes

At the closing table today for 10 units!

...what IS exciting is the structure of this deal and how it went down... Purchase price was $1.1M, with an appraisal of $1.4M day 1!...not only did I close this deal without any additional $ out of pocket, I essentially traded an asset that was netting me $350/mo, to 10 units turning out over $2K a month in profit!...Thankful for the support and education of this group to take down assets with creative financing!

About Jennings & Yeadon

Jennings & Yeadon are first cousins and considered to be two of the world’s leading multifamily strategists. They help real estate professionals easily and quickly jump from single family rentals into commercial assets through their proven apartment acquisition systems. They have been in the industry since 2013, have helped 100's of clients/customers, and are responsible for over $600,000,000 in collective real estate deals closed using these systems. They work with both multi-millionaire, experienced pros, and the contractor or realtor looking to close their first apartment deal. They are so confident in their systems that they back them with a better than money back guarantee. 

See If You Qualify - Schedule Your Deal Room Call >>

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